At Patek Analytics, we provide customized research solutions that empower our clients to make informed business decisions. Our tailored services use advanced marketing research, analytics modeling, and economic analysis techniques to deliver insights that inform business strategies.

Our analytic capabilities include:

Pricing Optimization: Determining the optimal list price and pricing structure to maximize market share, revenue, or profitability.

Segmentation: Identifying key subgroups of customers based on needs, buying behaviors, and/or economic characteristics to support strategic sales and marketing efforts.

Choice Modeling: Determining the most important product features and their impact on purchase decisions.

Behavioral Economics: Identifying cognitive, emotional, and social factors that influence consumer behavior.

Key Driver Analysis: Identifying the most important factors driving consumer behavior or business outcomes through data analysis.

Demand Estimation & Forecasting: Modeling demand for products and services based on price and other factors.

Brand Imagery & Equity: Uncovering brand perceptions and mapping brand position in the market relative to competition.

Product & Innovation Research: Identifying unmet market needs and developing data-driven innovative solutions.

Customer Loyalty & Churn Modeling: Understanding factors that drive customer loyalty and churn.

Each of these services is designed to meet our clients’ specific needs and deliver valuable insights that support informed business decisions.  For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or 513-235-3823.